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TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

Lisa is an excellent yoga instructor!  I have attended her 90 minute "Stationary" class twice a week for years.  Her voice is calm and soothing, her cues and adjustments are clear, actionable and devoid of judgement, and if the class size is small enough she gives each of us the best 20 second back rub! She also keeps the class fun and interesting, modifying or adding in some different poses occasionally, and she is consistently tuned in to any injuries or limitations anyone is experiencing.  Regardless of what is going on in my health, head or life, I always leave her class feeling better, calmer. stronger, and grateful for her!

Susan Miner

Lisa is a yoga teacher who connects with her students making them feel comfortable.  She personally reaches out to each student, and it is easy to feel Lisa's warm hearted personality.  Lisa has a plan for her classes and she is able to work with the range of abilities within our class.  She has the intuition required to watch her students and then guide them in proper techniques.  Lisa is a teacher who loves what she does and inspires her students to keep coming back to their mat to feel better...healthier in mind, body and spirit! 

Susan Brennan 

When I was still living in PA I was very fortunate to be able to take many yoga classes with Lisa since 2013.
She is one of the most conscientious, caring and natural teachers I've experienced in the yoga world. Her style is gentle yet confident with an informed presence about the workings of the body in the poses. 
While Lisa's classes offer a thorough experience of moving through all of the systems in the body she is also attentive to the personal needs of her students and offers safe options as needed.
I always felt refreshed and energized after a class with Lisa and look forward to attending one of her classes next time I'm in town!

Laura Liss

I love my yoga class and that is because Lisa is a great instructor. She challenges me and at the same time let’s me participate at my own level. Great teacher, great class.

Barb Dallara

I am a huge fan of Lisa’s Slow Flow classes.  For me, the slow movements and stretches create a peace and strength within my whole body.  Lisa’s voice is very calming.  She stresses breathing throughout the class so we bring our breath to parts of the body we are working on.  She gently addresses proper movement and uses props, such as straps, for greater depth in the stretching movements.  She is mindful of proper movement for our knees, backs and necks.  I am truly an advocate of Lisa and her yoga teaching style.  Thanks, Lisa! 

     As one who is older and male, the last thing I would ever have expected to be interested in was yoga.  Credit the instructor and her program for the change in my attitude!  Lisa loves teaching yoga, is intuitive, and will adjust practice to the needs of the class.  Class size is limited so that Lisa can help individual students.  Each practice helps increase my balance, core strength, and flexibility while encouraging me to be mindful of breath control in each pose.  I always look forward to Lisa’s yoga class and I always feel better after practice.    Namaste   

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Lisa is an exceptional yoga instructor. I have taken classes with Lisa for approximately 7 years- in studios, outdoors, in a corporate office and in privates with my husband.  She genuinely cares about, and  listens to, her students and provides them with the instruction needed to enhance their practice both physically and mindfully. Her classes are a judgment free zone and her warmth and kind and gentle spirit infuses each class. At the end of Lisa's classes, I always feel a sense of peace. connectedness and well being.  Lisa is extremely knowledgeable and provides very clear instruction, with modifications to accommodate all.  While she teaches different styles, I particularly enjoy her synergy or alignment classes  which includes hatha yoga poses covering the entire body.  She changes up her classes for variety and provides wonderful adjustments or massages for those who want them.  Her privates are a treat- carefully designed for you. 

                                Jen B.

I have been a yoga student of Lisa’s for 5 years. I enjoy her classes because she always combines stretching, movement, poses and relaxation techniques.  She is always prepared for her class with different routines and will adapt to the skill and needs of the participants. I always leave her class feeling exhilarated and relaxed having that yoga “glow”! 

   Denise Schmidt

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