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Athletic Team Yoga

Take your athletic team's performance to the next level with my yoga sessions.  I will customize sessions to meet the unique needs of your team, including specific moves and poses that complement your sport. By focusing on strength, stretching, breathing and mindfulness, you'll see real improvement in both physical and mental performance. I come to your school for added convenience!  A few students on DEHS track team share their thoughts below.

"Every time I come to this class I am challenged in a different way!"

Whenever we step into her class, she made sure to target parts of our bodies that we felt needed help.  After every class I felt stretched and repaired for the ret of the week.  She has a very calming voice that never fails to keep me focused.

I love the positive energy that I'm surrounded with.  She gives very descriptive instructions for how I'm supposed to move my body and I have found that after each session I feel more fluid and elastic.

These yoga sessions have helped me tremendously.  Not only has it helped my breathing, but it has also helped my strength.  It's a great way to relax and let go of my inner tension.

The instructions are very clear and all the movements are well thought out.  It helps me stretch and relax the body.  The instrructor is truly awesome!

This class has helped me bring my best foot forward when it comes to concentrating on my inner peace. This class has lead me to be content and relaxed in my everyday life.

What Our Coaches Say

As a track coach who promotes the benefits of training year-round, I was looking for an activity which would keep my runners engaged during the winter months (during which our track is occasionally covered with snow). Cross training activities such as swimming and biking are very effective but indoor space at our high school is often limited. However, yoga seemed to ‘fit the bill’ of an activity which would aid in an athlete’s ability to develop strength and mobility and thus aid in injury prevention without taking up too much space. Lisa McBride shared my vision for implementing yoga for my team. Her sessions were often differentiated to each athletes needs. Every session was unique with a different objective, whether it be physical or mental. Over time I not only saw my athletes develop the strength and mobility that I was looking for, but also mindfulness as well. I saw these developments positively affect their times in races while also fostering a positive, holistic culture on my team. I would recommend yoga with Lisa McBride to all athletic coaches who are looking to broaden their horizons.’

  • David, track coach Downingtown East High School

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