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Yoga at Home
Women Stretching


This class works to balance your body and mind.  With attention to alignment we move through a set of poses to strengthen, stretch, and align our bodies.

A great class for beginners as well as experienced yogis.


Create strength, stability and support for the spine and the whole body by syncing breath and movement in this flow based class. Find energy, strength, and flexibility while staying kind and gentle to yourself.  The use of props and teacher recommended modifications makes this class a nice fit for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners.

Pilates Stretches
Yoga Class


A slower paced calming class including breathing techniques and gentle flowing movements.  This is a perfect beginning yoga class and is also appropriate for those working with injuries, limited mobility, or prefer a softer, more gentle approach to yoga.  


In this vinyasa (an integration of movement and breath) class, movements flow from one to another,  yet the practice is still accessible to a wide range of levels. Considered a moving meditation, vinyasa classes will strengthen body and mind.  Balance, flexibility, and endurance are gained, but not necessarily need! Some yoga experience recommended, but not a must.

All levels welcome.

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